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Yup, you've got the approach...
Sorry, I haven't implemented SPF yet, so I'm not the best resource for
implementation info.

But, here are links you could try for RPMs:


Alex Neuman wrote:

>Ok... So would a conservative-yet-effective approach be:
>1. Sendmail gets message, checks SPF. If SPF records say mail came from
>unauthorized server, drop the connection. If no SPF available, receive
>e-mail anyways (for now).
>2. MailScanner gets message from Sendmail, passes message to SpamAssassin
>for processing. SpamAssassin checks SPF records, assign arbitrary negative
>number (say, -2.0) if SPF records check out ok, otherwise process as usual.
>Less conservative efforts would range from harsh (assign positive score to
>non-SPF messages when checked by SA) to brutal (drop non-SPF messages at MTA
>Is my understanding correct? Has anybody who's already implemented SPF at
>the MTA level using RPM-installed sendmail worked out something like this,
>and if so, where did you find info on it?
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>SPF in your MTA blocks mail from IPs that don't belong to a senders
>domain. (if SPF is configured for that domain)
> ....

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