SpamAssassin does not scan emails

Real Melancon admin at LANNON.QC.CA
Wed Aug 11 20:38:56 IST 2004

Hello List. Sorry for re-posting.

I filter only some of our users with a rule file. And from time
to time I get spam that goes right through without being scanned
by SpamAssassin.

Header looks like this:

X-MailScanner-Information: Internet Expresso - MailScanner + Clamd
X-MailScanner: Found to be clean

There is no spamassassin score ?

My rule file is like this (only lines for my account):
Filename: expresso_antispam.users.rules

To:     admin at            yes
To:     admin at              yes
To:     admin                           yes

If found out that, the mail only get through when the CC or TO
field contains a lot of recipients.

Any ideas ?


Real Melancon.

Internet Expresso (FSI-ISP Mont-Tremblant/Quebec/Canada)

* * * Courriel protégé par Internet Expresso AntiVirus (ClamAV) * * *

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