File name/type rules

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at WHIDBEY.COM
Mon Aug 9 21:44:23 IST 2004


I have a client with their own server, and though they are enjoying the
relief from spam and viruses they are getting testy about meaningful
attachments getting in and out. Basically, there are four users for whom
they do not want to have attachments blocked, and because these users
are experienced *and* they use Pine as their mail client so the normal
Outlook risks are absent, I'm trying to figure out how to accomodate them.

The rules for file names and types are completely different from the
rules for other things like forms and IFrames. I'm assuming that I can't
mix the two and add a line like
    To:   chuck   allow
to the rules.

Or can I? Or is there another approach that would handle this?


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