Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Oct 29 02:00:12 GMT 2003

At 08:31 PM 10/28/2003, you wrote:
>         Do RBL's send a notice to let know to the mail admin that his/her
> server or domain has been blacklisted?  If now, is there a reason why?

depends on the RBL.. some do, some don't.. and those that do have a widely
varied amount of effort they will go through to try to contact the admin.

If you want to check a whole bunch of RBLs to see if you're listed in any
you can use a web form over at:

I checked the mail.camo-route.com server ( you used for this
message.. the only one that lists you is the very obscure and somewhat
militant XBL blacklist.. their reason for listing is because
abuse at camo-route.com does not exist.

I wouldn't be overly worried though.. XBL is really more of a private list
than something that a lot of people use.. it is publicly accesible however.

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