Questions about PC Requirements

Jason Burzenski jburzenski at AMERICANHM.COM
Mon Oct 27 18:47:51 GMT 2003

I would recommend you consider using DNS (mutliple equal preference mx
records) to split the load over several lesser machines.  I like Compaqs
DL360's (hyperthreading processors work very well) and I've heard of other
people on the list using them in the past.  I think you would be safe
putting your 100K msgs/hr load on 3 of these boxes if you want to be safe.
Two might also do the job but you might get some delay during peak hours of
operation.  If you did build three boxes you might setup 2 to load balance
and one to act as a failover.

A DL360 typically has dual 2.4Ghz (hyperthreading), 4GB ram, dual 40GB SCSI.
I've found the hyperthreading Xeon processors to be far superior over
non-hyperthreading procs.  Definitely worth the investment.

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> Subject: Questions about PC Requirements
> People,
> this is my first message to the list, thanks all to be here. ;-P
> My question is about the requirements of a PC running
> MailScanner + 1(one) antivirus engine, if:
> * We're using it over Sendmail.
> * The server process 100,000 email messages per hour
> * Every attachment has an average size of 150 KB (a lot of ADSL users)
> * It's running over Red Hat 9, without any other important processes.
> I didn't found any information about the hardware
> requirements in the FAQ's. Thanks a lot for your help.
> Ignacio
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