spam first, then virus?

Andy Alsup aalsup at USDLA.COM
Mon Oct 27 19:15:04 GMT 2003

I have searched for an answer to this question, but no find.  Appologies
if this is already covered,  as I think this would be a common question.

My users get a lot of  mail that was scanned as a virus, and delivered
without the attachement.  The Microsoft update variations I see a lot.

My question is:  Can those messages be scanned by the spam scanner
before the virus scanner?  I think a lot of these messages would be
blocked by pattern matching and RBL as spam, and then deleted, or marked
as {spam} first, then {virus}, and thus handled by the user's {spam} rules.

I know these viruses are probably best handled by adding them to the
silent list, but 1) I'm lazy and  2) adding to silent has to be
maintained for each new virus that comes out. (I don't upgrade
MailScanner that often)

Do messages go through both filters? and in what order?


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