Questions about PC Requirements

Ignacio M. Sbampato listas at VIRUSATTACK.COM.AR
Tue Oct 28 12:26:14 GMT 2003

Thanks a lot to all for your help about this topic. It was very helpful and
give me a very accurate insight about what to do.

I have MailScanner working in a PC boxes for small networks, and it works
great with non-complex hardware configuration, but i never need to analyze
the option of installing it over such a large network. Your help was
heavenly ;-)



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> On Mon, 27 Oct 2003 19:39:05 -0300, you wrote:
> >Maybe with 3 boxes running a similar configuration we'll be fine, right?
> >It's a little expensive, but the only solution if we want to use
> >MailScanner+AV to analyze such huge traffic.
> I would definitly go for more than one box. With that number of messages
> you won't want any downtime. So probably three would be even better
> because you still need to stop one of them occacionally for upgrading.
> We are running three identical server (with one off-site). We are doing
> only 150k - 200k messages a day (in total) on three dual Xeon 2.4GHz
> with 2GB memory. The systems also do DNS, DHCP and radius and the
> average load (over one week) is 0.6.
> Actually at this moment one of the systems is a single Celeron 1.3GHz
> with 1GB memory. Average load of this system is 1.32 but when I check
> the number of messages this system handles it is about 10% lower than
> the other systems. This system occacionally stops accepting messages
> because of the load. But I am configuring that third dual Xeon and I
> hope to install it this week.
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