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Mon Oct 20 22:13:54 IST 2003

At 21:56 20/10/2003, you wrote:
> > line 94 is the line which displays the error, not the line which caused
> > it.  The text pretty much says all there is to say.  Its actually
> > looking for a particular file in the Sophos lib directory.
> >
> > Log in as root or su -   (NB su - not su)  sudo can do nasty things to
> > your enviironment.
> >
> > Make sure you have the correct package directory for Sophos in
> > /etc/MailScanner/virus.scanners.conf.
>i make it : sophos /usr/local/libexec/MailScanner/sophos-wrapper
>/usr/local/bin/sweep -di /path/where/to/scan

The comment at the top of virus.scanners.conf is wrong. The last parameter
on the line is not the command line or the name of the command to run, it
is the installation directory of the virus scanner. So yours should say
sophos /usr/local/libexec/MailScanner/sophos-wrapper /usr/local

> >
> > Make sure you installed Sophos using Julians Sophos.Install script.
>can not find it, i use in /usr/local/sophos/sav-install directory
> >
> > Don't run sophos-autoupdate directly, run update_virus_scanners
>did not find update_virus_scanners ...

By default it will be in /usr/sbin or /opt/MailScanner/bin. /usr/sbin
should always be on root's $PATH.
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