Sophos, Mailscanner on FreeBSD sophos-autoupdate

Thierry lenaig at WANADOO.FR
Mon Oct 20 21:56:48 IST 2003

> line 94 is the line which displays the error, not the line which caused
> it.  The text pretty much says all there is to say.  Its actually
> looking for a particular file in the Sophos lib directory.
> Log in as root or su -   (NB su - not su)  sudo can do nasty things to
> your enviironment.
> Make sure you have the correct package directory for Sophos in
> /etc/MailScanner/virus.scanners.conf.
i make it : sophos /usr/local/libexec/MailScanner/sophos-wrapper /usr/local/bin/sweep -di /path/where/to/scan
> Make sure you installed Sophos using Julians Sophos.Install script.
can not find it, i use in /usr/local/sophos/sav-install directory
> Don't run sophos-autoupdate directly, run update_virus_scanners
did not find update_virus_scanners ...



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