Pyzor, Razor, and DCC? {Scanned by HJMS}

Malcolm Ray M.Ray at ULCC.AC.UK
Mon Oct 20 14:37:47 IST 2003

> I think that since they all share the same idea you shouldn't use more 
> than one, just bump the score instead. At least in theory they should 
> give the same result most of the time. You wouldn't query the same RBL 
> twice, would you? You would double the score instead if you trusted it. 
> Less things to break and upgrade. Less network traffic which means 
> better performance.

They're not *exactly* the same idea.  Razor's aim is to catch known spam
(I assume the same is true of Pyzor, though I haven't used it).  DCC's
job is to tell you when a particular message has been received by many
recipients.  It doesn't distinguish between solicited and unsolicited
bulk mail, so you need to be careful about whitelisting or risk tagging
legitimate mailing list traffic.

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