Pyzor, Razor, and DCC? {Scanned by HJMS}

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Fri Oct 17 18:51:17 IST 2003

I think your description is correct. When I checked it out a while ago I 
got the impression Razor and Pyzor were the same idea written in 
different languages and that they do query the same database which makes 
it useless to have both, just bump the score on one would have the same 
effect with less network traffic.

Since SA is the slowest thing on a MailScanner box I looked for 
efficient use of the network and DCC got my vote, it uses a single UDP 
packet for the query and another for the answer. They also update the 
software more often than the others and Paul Vixie is behind it which in 
my book makes it good.

I think that since they all share the same idea you shouldn't use more 
than one, just bump the score instead. At least in theory they should 
give the same result most of the time. You wouldn't query the same RBL 
twice, would you? You would double the score instead if you trusted it. 
Less things to break and upgrade. Less network traffic which means 
better performance.

DCC has been very reliable for me and it's always in the top 5 of my 
spam traps. Top 3 of the ones with more points (Bayes99, SpamCop and 
DCC). I would much rather bump the score than add another very similar 

/Peter Bonivart

--Unix lovers do it in the Sun

Sun Fire V210, Solaris 9, MailScanner 4.23-11, SpamAssassin 2.60, ClamAV

Furnish, Trever G wrote:
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>>>Objet : Pyzor, Razor, and DCC?
>>>Forgive my ignorance..I'm fairly new to this :)  Can someone 
>>>explain (or is there a good FAQ) the pros/cons of using Razor 
>>>vs Pyzor vs Dcc?  I've checked the websites for them all, and 
>>>searched the MailScanner list archives....but they all look 
>>>fairly similar in function, and I am assuming using more than 
>>>one of them would be redudant. Does one of them work better 
>>>with MailScanner/Spamassassin than the next?  Is it simply 
>>>user preferance?  This would be in a system wide config; not 
>>>personal use.
>>It is like using more than one RBL, they complete each other 
>>very well.
> Question though: I thought razor and pyzor both queried the same database,
> so it only makes sense to use one or the other of those two, while DCC uses
> a different database.
> Ie choose either razor or pyzor, both of which hit cloudmark's database, and
> then add dcc, which queries a second database.
> Is that incorrect?  (A simple "yes, that's incorrect" or "no, that's
> correct" will suffice. :-) )
> Clear as mud?

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