Mailscanner converting HTML messages with FORM tags

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Oct 20 13:59:37 IST 2003

At 12:49 20/10/2003, you wrote:
>Ever since I installed mailscanner-4.24-5, HTML messages with form tags are
>being converted to plain text, since it appears that HTML forms are now
>considered "Dangerous HTML".
>We'd like to be able to continue using the "Convert Dangerous HTML" option to
>convert Iframe and Object Codebase messages, but we'd like to exclude HTML
>forms without having to maintain large sets of rulesets.
>Perhaps the Allow/Convert options could be restructured to something like
>Allow Form Tags = { yes | convert | no}
>Allow Object Codebase Tags = { yes | convert | no}
>Allow IFrame Tags = { yes | convert | no}
>This would also allow further selection of criteria (e.g. javascript, etc) as
>"Dangerous HTML", while still allowing a great deal of tuning.

Would you like to be able to strip _all_ html out of some messages, or just
strip out a few specific tags from some messages? The latter is much harder.
Julian Field
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