Mailscanner converting HTML messages with FORM tags

Lancaster, David Matthew dml at UNB.CA
Mon Oct 20 12:49:27 IST 2003

Hi Julian,

Hate to bother you directly, but I'm in a big of a quandry.  Dunno if you've
seen my thread on the here's a recap.

Ever since I installed mailscanner-4.24-5, HTML messages with form tags are
being converted to plain text, since it appears that HTML forms are now
considered "Dangerous HTML".

We'd like to be able to continue using the "Convert Dangerous HTML" option to
convert Iframe and Object Codebase messages, but we'd like to exclude HTML
forms without having to maintain large sets of rulesets.

Perhaps the Allow/Convert options could be restructured to something like
Allow Form Tags = { yes | convert | no}
Allow Object Codebase Tags = { yes | convert | no}
Allow IFrame Tags = { yes | convert | no}

This would also allow further selection of criteria (e.g. javascript, etc) as
"Dangerous HTML", while still allowing a great deal of tuning.

Whatcha think?


ps. We really appreciate all the effort you've but into MailScanner...

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