problems with secondary mail server

Malcolm Ray M.Ray at ULCC.AC.UK
Wed Oct 15 12:52:09 IST 2003

> hi.
> im using mailscanner and it work perfectly but ...
> when - for some reason - email come first to the second mail server
> and then is delivered to the primary one, spam is never detected ( im
> detecting spam only by spam list of IP's ) so i assume that problem is
> b/c sender of email is IP of my secondary mailserver and not blacklisted IP of
> spammer. Is it any way to configure mailscanner preventing that ? i know
> installing mailscanner on secondary mail server will help but i dont like
> that soluttion.

During testing, all mail to my MailScanner test box arrived from a couple
of hosts within the organisation, but I still wanted to get the benefit
of RBLs.  So I made a small hack to which fetched the IP address
to look up from the trace headers of the message, and used that instead.
I haven't kept the code, and it was too crude to distribute anyway, but
it's not hard to do (as long as you're writing it for your local situation -
it's harder to cope with the general case).

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