problems with secondary mail server

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Wed Oct 15 15:31:03 IST 2003

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:51:41 +0100, you wrote:

>> > >1. one reason is that I'm concerned about configuration file
>> > >synchronization .. - i know i can make it on system level but still ;-)
>> > > - so if it is another solution for making that i want to try it before
>> > > i make it
>> >
>> > We have three servers. In the relevant directories with configuration
>> > files there is a Makefile that copies the changed files to the other two
>> > systems. Offcourse I only update those files on one of the systems.
>> yes, but human factor ... someone change config for client on one server
>> and he forget to change it on another and client start complaining and ...
>> maybe you know that ;-) i want to make it idiot protected as much as
>> possible ;-)
>No, the point Peter was making was that nobody touches the config on two of
>the machines - all changes are made to one of the servers, and then
>automatically propagated to the other two, precisely in order to avoid the
>problem you mention.

At this moment I manually run make in the rules directory, but for
sendmail cron takes care of distributing aliases, access and
mailertable. When I am confident the distibution of rules goes alright,
I will have cron take a look at it too.

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