Kyle Harris lists at TRCINTL.COM
Tue Oct 14 23:21:11 IST 2003

I feel like I didn't ask this question right so I am going to take another
crack at it.  Forgive me if I am being redundant but I feel like there must
be a way to do this, and thanks much in advance.

What I am basically trying to do is accomplish the same thing that a
ruleset does, only by using a custom function in the  In a
ruleset, you can set up the following:

To:  @domain1  yes
To:  @domain2  no

I am basically trying to do the same thing using a custom function in  I am using that method as I need to pull the information
from a MySql database and the only way I can see to do that is by using a
custom function.  Basically if I could return a ruleset with a custom
function, I would have it (at least I think).

I guess what I am hoping for is a method in a custom function to say:  If
this messages goes to domain1, answer with yes (scan it).  If it goes to
domain2, answer with no (don't scan it) (both the same message). Just like
a ruleset.  If I have a ruleset such as that above set for the variable
Virus Scanning, will it not scan messages for one domain (domain1) and not
the other (domain2) if both domains are in the recipient list?  What about
for the other settings, such as for example, what if I wanted a different
high spam score for two domains and one message goes to both domains.  What
high spam score would win if I had two set in a ruleset such as follows?

To:  @domain1  20
To:  @domain2  30

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