RedHat Perl updates

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Wed Oct 15 03:30:36 IST 2003

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> This is getting completely off topic :)
> but what is the advantage of apt over up2date?
> I have some old redhat 6.2 boxes that I really should upgrade and it
> looked like a good way to keep them updated. RedHat stopped supporting
> RH62 so I hoped that this would be a good replacement.
> No packages are updated however as the system was aready 
> up2date? Does it
> mean that this is only a replacment of the up2date script and still
> depends on PhatHat packages *if* they are ever released?

I think that once RH stops supporting a distribution, it doesn't provide any updates anymore.  It means you must upgrade.
The main advantage of apt over up2date is that it is free and more configurable.  I use a simple apt script that downloads updates and install them automatically during the night, then send me a report by e-mail.  You can also configure it to only download, so that you can check what would be installed before installing.

Might be off-topic, but I think a lot of people here can benefit from apt!



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