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Andreas Borchert mailscanner at andreas-borchert.de
Mon Oct 13 10:35:05 IST 2003


today I received the attached message from a network of black-hole.com,
apparently using some software distributed by mailscanner.com.

It falsely claims that 

   ``Our UCE (spam) detectors have been triggered by a message you
   sent:- To: stuart at acutekplastics.com, sue at acutekplastics.com,
   sunshine at acutekplastics.com, syso at acutekplastics.com,
   ter at acutekplastics.com, terri at acutekplastics.com,
   terry at acutekplastics.com, thomas at acutekplastics.com,
   tina at acutekplastics.com, tj at acutekplastics.com, tom at acutekplastics.com
   Subject: UNLIMITED LEADS juovduamm a
   Date: Mon Oct 13 03:59:55 2003
   This message has been rejected. The detector that triggered is

   The content of your message indicates that it is probably spam e-mail,
   which is why it has been rejected.''

I have never sent such a message. It should be common knowledge now
that spams use faked sender addresses regularly. Sending out false
claims like this is just simply annoying and helps nobody as you even
fail to provide the headers of the email with the faked address.

The distribution of such ``spam fighting'' software and its application
are simply irresponsible. This piece of crap simply moves the spam load
from the original recipients to another set of innocent victims. However,
it is much harder to fight against the garbage you are generating than
to fight against the original spam producers.

Do you expect me to eat this garbage or should I block your networks
like those of spam hosters? I hope that this can be avoided and that
common sense returns.

Andreas Borchert
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