Addendum to Virus Scanner Review

Fri Oct 10 22:15:07 IST 2003

>All of the ambiguity makes it difficult for
>law-abiding citizens like myself to purchase their software and remain
>confident that I'm in compliance... since "compliance" is a moving

This probably goes without saying on this list, but get everything
in writing.  Even if there isn't confusion with your vendor now,
there might be later.  I usually go so far as to request something
in writing from the sales persons manager, as sales staff come and
go, and managers usually stick around a bit longer.

IANAL, but it seems to me that all you would have to prove is that
you were in compliance at the time of purchase, so even if the target
does move, you have some document from the company and you should be
all right come auditin' time.  (Which I've only ever heard about
happening WRT Microsoft software in schools or municipalities --
you know, when it gives them good press.)


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