Addendum to Virus Scanner Review

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Fri Oct 10 21:26:52 IST 2003

When I was looking for a solution in June or thereabouts, they sold me a per
server license, but their stated policy was per user.  They were flexible
because it was a make a sale for less or make no sale.  I suspect they've
always been per user, but were wise enough to know which side their bread's
buttered on.  Maybe too many of us were doing a beat up on 'em? <g>

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>Subject: Addendum to Virus Scanner Review
>Hello all,
>I recently posted the results of a full-scale, commercial anti-virus
>review. In that email, I said that F-Secure had a per-server licensing
>model (based on their web site). However (while in the midst of my
>testing phase), I went back to their site and noticed that they have
>switched their licensing model to per user when used to scan email.
>At the time of my review a few weeks ago, F-Secure said this about
>F-Secure AntiVirus for Linux.
>The command line scanner provides a versatile and powerful tool that
>works both as a user-invoken command and as a platform for automated
>antivirus systems. Detailed reporting and return codes ensure easy
>integration with third party mail scanners such as AMaViS (A Mail Virus
>Now, it says this:
>In case the product is used to scan e-mail traffic, licensing is based
>on the number of users who have access to the services provided by the
>product. In that case, the customer needs to buy a license for F-Secure
>Anti-Virus for Linux Gateways
>This means that in the last month they have gone from per user, to per
>server, to per user again. A follow up with the sales director I was
>talking to earlier yielded no response and no explanations.
>In short, it's clear that these guys are in transition and
>aren't really
>sure how to sell their products. I've scratched them off my list. For
>those of you that can afford this kind of license, F-Secure does appear
>to be a viable product from a technical standpoint since it incorporate
>three different engines into one scanner.

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