Using Sendmail Queue Groups & Per User

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Thu Oct 9 23:19:55 IST 2003

See thread "mailscanner only sees the envelope TO" in this list
from July/2003
Ken A.

Jim Flowers wrote:

> Unfortunately, I don't think that's right.  In one of the threads there is
> a reference by Julian to a 'design decision' not to split multiple-
> recipient envelopes apart as being too complicating.  You may think you
> are getting per user capability but the envelope-recipient is controlling
> the behavior for all recipients.
> As far as the example in that's per domain control and
> only looks at the first recipient, to.  So if there's something else in
> the FAQ, I haven't been able to find it.
> And yes, across 10,000+ users with a couple hundred domains, there are
> quite a few who feel that they can handle their own virus scanning needs
> or that their mail is too important to lose, virus or not.
> It also occurs to me that queue groups could be used to direct inbound
> messages for specific addresses, FQDN or domain name parts and direct them
> to specific queues where each queue-runner could be configured for
> mailscanner or for any number of different strategies.
> But the main  thing that I am looking for is to configure an efficient,
> flexible mail relay that can select virus and/or spam scanning on a per
> domain and per user basis.

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