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Kevin Spicer kevin at KEVINSPICER.CO.UK
Thu Oct 9 18:54:13 IST 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 14:24, Stephe Campbell wrote:

>I noticed that mailscanner-mrtg was hogging a lot of my resources, and
>investigating a little further, noticed that it seemed I always had
>instances of processes running the same test. I was also getting
>about mrtg lock files present whenever it kicked off, meaning that the
>mrtg hadn't finished. So I upped the time between mailscanner-mrtg from
>minutes to 10 minutes. I don't really know for sure if this has helped
>the long run, but something has cleaned up my mess of backlogged mails
>both incoming and outgoing since I did this.

>Taking notice, though, I find that mailscanner-mrtg still uses a lot of
>resources, but now it is only doing it once every 10 minutes instead of
>multiple times every 5 minutes. Reading the maillog multiple times
>occurrence of running mailscanner-mrtg, especially since I only rotate
>maillog once a week, became more of a burden as the week went on.

Your observations are spot on.  This will all be fixed in the next
version of mailscanner-mrtg, which I'm working on at the moment.
Kevin Spicer
kevin at

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