Using Sendmail Queue Groups & Per User

Jim Flowers jflowers at EZO.NET
Thu Oct 9 20:53:16 IST 2003

Has anyone experimented with queue groups in 8.12.10 sendmail?  It looks
as if they could be useful.  Some examples:

1. Include /var/spool/mqueue-out in outgroup.  Then use an 'access` record
such as 'QGRP:dontscanuser at domain.tld outgroup' to place inbound messages
directly in /var/spool/mqueue-out queue bypassing MailScanner for
dontscanuser while the resto fo the users at domain.tld will be scanned.

2. Include /var/spool/mqueue-in in ingroup with MaxRecipientsPerMessage=1
to have sendmail parse multiple-recipient envelopes into a single envelope
for each recipient.  Standard MailScanner substitution routines could then
count on a single recipient per envelope (although not necessarily the
same as the envelope sender) in attempting per user control.

Hopefully someone can tell me if I'm completely off-base before I put a
whole lot of time into setting this up.


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