Performance question

Alan Fiebig mailscanner at ELKNET.NET
Thu Oct 9 17:29:29 IST 2003

>Actual number of processors. If you have too many children per CPU then
>the OS will waste too much time on context switching and scheduling. I
>wouldn't run more than four per CPU, and less if you are restricted by
>the amount of RAM in the machine.

Thanks! Helps a lot :)

Now, that leads me to wonder...

What effect do:
  Max Unscanned Messages Per Scan
  Max Unsafe Messages Per Scan

have on CPU, RAM, and IO usage?

Is it better to have a smaller batch that runs more often,
or a big batch that takes longer?

If the in queue has 1,000 messages waiting to be processed,
I've never understood the difference between:

  5 children performing a total of 10 batches of 100 messages each
  5 children performing a total of 100 batches of 10 messages each


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