SQL Logging After the Fact {Scanned by HJMS}

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Tue Oct 7 17:04:45 IST 2003


Looked through the archives and through my MailScanner folder and can't seem
to find the CustomerConfig.pm you refer to....could you re-post it at your


In addition, I agree that both machines logging to a central db makes sense,
unfortunately, I only have two sites.  So if a pipe goes down, I have the
same problem...I think your suggestion is a good one though.  I could log to
a single database AND add the logging function for each mailscanner
instance...that would alleviate the risk associated with logging to a single

allowing recovery/playback of logfiles...Seems to me as long as the replay
into the database validates timestamp/messageID comparisons and doesn't
allow duplicate entries the process of recovery could be pretty easy.


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> About a month ago I posted a CustomConfig.pm that would allow logging the
> same stuff that goes into the sql logging but send it to three flat files.
> You could use that, though ymmv.  On the other hand, you could just log
> both machines to a third database system.  That would leave you with a
> single-point-of-failure in the remote database though.
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> > Subject: SQL Logging After the Fact {Scanned by HJMS}
> >
> >
> > I have a primary/secondary configuration as it stands now.
> >
> > I have all logging happening in realtime using the MailWatch logging
> > functionality (and I love it)  Thanks Steve.
> >
> > I am treating these as totally stand alone systems...in that
> > if the primary
> > fails AT ALL, 100% of mail traffic will fail to the secondary via DNS
> > weighted MX.
> >
> > When in a state where the secondary is handling production
> > traffic, the SQL
> > logging is logging to its own MySQL db so that it is totally
> > independent of
> > the Primary.
> >
> > I would like to assimilate all logging data back into the
> > production system
> > upon successfuly recovery, to ensure I haven't lost any
> > logging information.
> > Is there a way to log as verbosely to a log file WHILE
> > writing to the temp
> > logfiles, allowing me to-replay these logs back into the
> > production database
> > upon recovery or daily or whenever?
> >
> > Does my request make sense or am I not communicating effectively?
> >
> > CT
> >

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