XMail support?

Sasa Stupar sasa at STUPAR.HOMELINUX.NET
Mon Oct 6 07:31:32 IST 2003


I am running XMail mail server which is far more easier to maintain than
sendmail or postfix. The thing is that xmail uses it's own sendmail
which is strip down version of original one..
I would like to implement MailScanner with my mail server so I have some
info before.
Tipical installation of this server is /var/MailRoot (linux RH). The
spool directory is /var/MailRoot/spool .
Sendmail from XMail replaces sendmail from linux so it is a default MTA
but it supports only these options: -f{mailfrom} , -F{extmailfrom} , -t
. Other options are simply ignored.
I can bind sendmail to listen to specific ip and port.
Is there any chance to configure it to use MailScanner?
Here is also homepage of Xmail if someone is willing to take a look and
help me out http://www.xmailserver.org


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