Sophos.install -> sweep: relocation error: sweep: undefined symbol: initializeDriveMap

shrek-m at shrek-m at GMX.DE
Sun Oct 5 19:39:21 IST 2003

Kevin Spicer wrote:

>You are running an older (unsupported by Red Hat I think) version of

until 2003-12-31

>More importantly, if you don't use Julians script to install Sophos you
>wilol probably need to tweak the sophos-wrapper script so that it works
>with MailScanner.  I'd also suggest tweaking sophos-autoupdate to get it
>to work rather than using a home grown script.  The reason for this is
>that Julians upgrade scripts actually stop MailScanner processing mail
>while the scanner is being updated  (if you must use your own script,
>take a look at Julains locking mechanism and include it).  Failing to
>apply this lock could cause some odd behavior (or missed viruses) if
>scanning a batch of mail and updating the scanner happen at the same

thanks for the info,
i will take a deeper look in julians scripts.


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