Mailscanner vs Spamassassin settings for changing the message headers

Boulytchev, Vasiliy vboulytchev at COINFOTECH.COM
Fri Oct 3 20:06:49 IST 2003

        We are not doing anything special.  We are using what Spamassassin does by default...  I just read Kevin's email.  I agree with him.  Here is a snap from what Spamassasin does right now.   THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HTML_60_70         (0.1 points)  BODY: Message is 60% to 70% HTML
HTML_MESSAGE       (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML included in message
HTML_LINK_CLICK_CAPS (1.1 points)  BODY: HTML link text says "CLICK"
HTML_FONT_BIG      (0.3 points)  BODY: FONT Size +2 and up or 3 and up
HTML_FONT_COLOR_BLUE (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML font color is blue HTML_LINK_CLICK_HERE (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML link text says "click here" HTML_FONT_COLOR_GRAY (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML font color is gray FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK (3.5 points)  Forged mail pretending to be from MS Outlook
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Vasiliy Boulytchev
Colorado Information Technologies, Inc.

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At 19:16 03/10/2003, you wrote:
>penis enlargement? :)))))))))))))))))
>So what do you guys think, is it doable?

The use of _SCORE_ in the subject line text is in the next version, but not
the content preview.
What do you think should be in the content preview? I could try to parse
the original content and extract the first 40 or 50 characters. But this
would need to be totally dis-armed text as 40 or 50 bytes is plenty to put
in an exploit or attack. The whole point of the attachment method is that
you can guarantee the initial message you see (which does include the
sanitised subject line) is harmless. Including anything from the original
message has to be done *very* carefully.

>Vasiliy Boulytchev
>Colorado Information Technologies, Inc.
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>From: MailScanner mailing list [mailto:MAILSCANNER at JISCMAIL.AC.UK]On
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>Subject: Re: Mailscanner vs Spamassassin settings for changing the
>message headers
>On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 18:48, Boulytchev, Vasiliy wrote:
> >*******************************************************************
> >Content preview:  Copy Any DVD to CD, Easy - Fast - Convenient! You
>Thats a neat feature, I'd certainly find it useful if anyone implemented
>it.  I keep getting calls from users who are frightened to open the
>attachment (because of the warning in the attachment report), but
>frightened to delete the mail (in case its actually relevent).  e.g. One
>recent case one of our people who deals with requests for quotes etc
>received a Spam entitled 'Urgent Business Proposal' and had to call me
>so I could decide whether it was 'safe' to open (go on, guess what it
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