Mailscanner vs Spamassassin settings for changing the message headers

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Fri Oct 3 20:16:07 IST 2003

On Friday 03 October 2003 8:06 pm, Boulytchev, Vasiliy wrote:

> Julian,
>         We are not doing anything special.  We are using what Spamassassin
> does by default...  I just read Kevin's email.  I agree with him.  Here is
> a snap from what Spamassasin does right now.
> Content preview:  Copy Any DVD to CD, Easy - Fast - Convenient! You will
>   be astonished by what this new, revolutionary software has to offer.
>   Fastest Possible Technology 3-Click System Ready in less than 1 min.
>   Immediate Download Full Money-back Guarantee Free Lifetime Support and
>   Updates [...]

What do you get in the delivered email if the first 3 lines contain
hyperlinks or other potentially dangerous content?

Do they get sanitised in any way, or simply passed on to the end user, and
you hope they don't click on something dangerous?

I must admit that a pattern match such as [A-Za-z0-9 .,;:!?] should be
sufficient for people to see what the original mail was about, whilst
destroying any dangerous content in what gets passed on, and I too like the
idea of being able to incude a 'preview' like this in suspect spam.

In fact, I'll even suggest an option for implementing it to provide
additional flexibility:

Spam Preview Size =

followed by the number of characters to be included in the email which gets
delivered.   If the option is missing, or the value is zero, the current
behavious (no preview) is maintained, otherwise a preview of (up to) the
number of characters specified is included in the report delivered to the




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