How-to translate reports?

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Fri Oct 3 15:24:57 IST 2003

El 3 Oct 2003 a las 15:31, Anders Andersson, IT escribió:

> > 
> > Why are the reports not in example: Danish and English?
> Not sure of the reason from the begining but unless Im totally wrong here
> you can make different rules to send different notifications to certain
> adresses... all mail that come from xxx at will get spanish
> notification.... rather clever I think. Especially since my spanish isnt
> good enough to do it my self I cna just use the ones included

I wanted to do a Spanish+English (but never got to)... the idea behind it is 
sometimes based on reports sent back to a sender which you may not know what 
language he/she speaks.

In Argentina you expect everyone to speak Spanish, but many correspondants 
from abroad might not do so, so you include English as an international fall-

I think that is the rationale behind this... don't know if this is completely 
valid, but at least I think it's reasonable.


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