SV: How-to translate reports?

Anders Andersson, IT anders.andersson at LTKALMAR.SE
Fri Oct 3 14:31:53 IST 2003

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> Skickat: den 3 oktober 2003 01:58
> Ämne: How-to translate reports?
> I would like to update the translation of the Danish reports. 
> But have some questions before I do:
> Is it standard to do an "almost" exact translation from the 
> English reports, or is normal to add additional information?

I can only speak for the swedish translation and we have change some parts,
but nothing big. Just to make it more understandable in swedish... well at
least I hope it will  :)

> Why are the reports not in example: Danish and English?

Not sure of the reason from the begining but unless Im totally wrong here
you can make different rules to send different notifications to certain
adresses... all mail that come from xxx at will get spanish
notification.... rather clever I think. Especially since my spanish isnt
good enough to do it my self I cna just use the ones included

> /henrik

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