Inline SPAM warnings {Scanned by HJMS}

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Thu Oct 2 16:24:23 IST 2003

Furnish, Trever G wrote:

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>>mozilla's "view->attachments inline" allows you do adjust
>>this behavior,
>>as does Outlook (somewhere...)
>>Ken A.
> That's NOT the desired behavior.  The desired behavior is that the MUA
> display inline those parts marked with a disposition of "inline" and ONLY
> those parts.

That's what mozilla/thunderbird does when it's NOT viewing attachments

> If you check the actual content of a message sent with action set to "attach
> deliver", you'll note that the warning is meant to be displayed inline but
> the original message isn't.  However Outlook ignores the inline disposition
> setting for the warning when the content-type is multipart/digest.  It seems
> to honor the content-disposition setting however when the content-type is
> multipart/report.  I still wonder why though...

Because it's crap. It also has a default setting to hide attachments.
You can turn this off by going (in Outlook Express) to Tools, Options,
Security tab. This is presumably to protect the user from the fact that
it's crap and will likely "run code of attacker's choice" if you were to
allow Outlook to display the attachments.

Ken A.


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