Uninstalling MailScanner

Richard Curtis ricurtis at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 2 15:11:35 IST 2003

Hi all.
  Just a brief query.  I am about to (hopefully) install Mailscanner onto
our mail email server but before I do so, I wanted to confirm something.

Firstly, once sendmail is running through MailScanner, previously when a
new domain is added to sendmail and/or virtusertable is modified, a simple
restart of sendmail is all thats needed to make it see the new domains.
Once MailScanner is installed, is it simply a matter of restarting
MailScanner to force the changes into effect ?

Secondly, If for some reason I needed to remove mailscanner completely, is
it simply a matter of stopping mail scanner, removing it from the startup
scripts, then starting sendmail normally and re-adding it to the startup
scripts ?

Finally, what is the license for Inoculan ?  I have just downloaded it, and
tested it, and it says in the readme that upon first use the license is
printed - but it wasnt for me.  I am guessing it is not free for use ?


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