Forwarding mail

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Wed Oct 1 17:55:09 IST 2003

I do it like this:

Say the domain you want to forward mail for is

In /etc/mail/relay-domains:

In /etc/mail/mailertable esmtp:primary.mail.server

hash the files to db

cd /etc/mail;make

Now, in DNS, I remove the MX record for and replace it with

That way, ALL mail gets routed to the MS box...and spammers don't get to hit the


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> I am trying to setup Mailscanner and spamassasin on a mail 
> server that is supposed to scan the mail then forward it onto 
> the primary mail server. Could anyone point me in a direction 
> on how to configure sendmail to do the forwarding.
> Thanks

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