Forwarding mail

Brady A. Tucker batucker at ICNET.NET
Thu Oct 2 04:05:28 IST 2003

You can also add :


to your,  rebuild your,  and setup your MX records
as another suggested here to go only to your MS/SA server.  If you don't use   add/edit the  DS line which is probably just  blank now in
your file.   You would change it from  'DS'  to
'DSYourMain.MailServer' near the top of your file.

I have 3 MS/SA servers, each with different MX values,  that
accept/scan/spam check,  then forward on to the 'Smart Host'.    The
'SmartHost' is not listed as an MX host in the the DNS records for any of
the domains it checks.

Similar to the other user who said they use mailertables,  if you list your
SmartHost as a secondary MX,  mail WILL get there w/o being scanned.  IMO,
it's better to put up a secondary MS/SA box,  and not list the smarthost as
an MX, if like me your stuck with a final destination host that
doesn't/can't do scanning.

                                      Brady A. Tucker
                                      Internet Complete! inc.

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> I am trying to setup Mailscanner and spamassasin on a mail
> server that is supposed to scan the mail then forward it onto
> the primary mail server. Could anyone point me in a direction
> on how to configure sendmail to do the forwarding.
> Thanks

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