"Dangerous Content" or "Banned Content"?

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Wed Nov 19 20:46:42 GMT 2003

Am I (or you :) ) missing something or isn't this already configurable.
If it is it's only the default that's gonna change, you can (still) have
what you want. Mine is translated into Swedish for example.

# This is the text to add to the start of the subject if the
# "Content Modify Subject" option is set.
Content Subject Text = {Dangerous Content?}

I support the suggestions for "blocked" and "restricted".

/Peter Bonivart

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Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Julian
> sounds good - any chance of it being user configurable (well part of the
> config file anyhow)?
> Julian Field wrote:
>> I'm thinking of changing one of the default subject line tags for new
>> installations.
>> It currently says
>>        {Dangerous Content?}
>> but I'm thinking of changing it to
>>        {Banned Content}
>> My thinking is that the content checks, such as HTML tags, partial
>> messages, attachment size limits and so on are more of a policy/safety
>> issue than a risk issue. What is considered safe on a site is really a
>> policy decision made by the management of that site.
>> Having messages which are too big tagged as potentially dangerous isn't
>> really correct.
>> Does that sound reasonable?
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