MailScanner not behaving - endless loop?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Nov 19 16:20:54 GMT 2003

Let's start with the obvious question. What does your maillog say?

At 13:32 19/11/2003, you wrote:
>Every time I start MailScanner there's one process which eats away at
>  the CPU and does (seemingly) nothing at all. Also happens with
>  Debug=yes. I guess that it's the "master"-process, because it's the
>  one whose PID logs "MailScanner starting" to syslog.
>The "nastiest" of those had used more than 500 CPU-minutes when I
>  killed it. There's nothing suspiciously big in or incoming.
>strace doesn't show any system calls, so it sure looks like an endless
>  loop from my limited POV.
>MailScanner 4.25-6 on Debian "stale", any hints/help/etc. very much
>  appreciated.

Julian Field
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