Who owns MIME::Tools?

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Tue Nov 18 21:21:39 GMT 2003

Jan-Peter Koopmann wrote:
 > I'm beginning to understand you. But I still fail to see how that would
 > help e.g. a FreeBSD user. Under FreeBSD you would always use the port
 > for Mime:Tools. And this port relys on the CPAN distribution.
 > Unfortunately this is not fixed so the port is not fixed. Of course I
 > will write to the port-maintainer (again) to patch the CPAN stuff but
 > that solution will only help FreeBSD guys.

You say that you use the ports that are based on CPAN. I also use CPAN
for everything but MIME:Tools because that needs to be patched. If the
module was patched on the MailScanner web site it would be easier for
both of us, right? I must be missing something major here because I
think we have more in common than you seem to think. Feel free to
encourage the port maintainer to update it if you want but that really
solves the problem for only one OS, kind of your first criticism of my
suggestion. My suggestion helps everyone not using RPM:s including
FreeBSD users until (if) the port gets updated.

I just tried to help based on questions on this list. Besides the
patched MIME:Tools module the RPM distribution contains a start script
and a quarantine script as well. Both are somewhat frequent on the list
too. My suggestion is to patch the module on the MailScanner site for
download and in the tar distribution include a quarantine and start
scripts in a contrib directory under MailScanner. That would help at
least some with the tar distribution.

/Peter Bonivart

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