Per Domain Spam Forwarding

Greg Boehnlein damin at NACS.NET
Tue Nov 11 04:20:24 GMT 2003

        I spent some time browsing around the Mailscanner lists to see if
this question had been addressed in any way, and while there seem to be
answers that are pointing me in the right direction, I've not got a
clear, concise idea on the exact way to handle this. If the answer DOES
exist, please feel free to direct me to the relevant information.
        Basically, I have a cluster of mail-servers that use Mailscanner
and SpamAssassin for Virus Stripping and Spam Tagging. We received a
request from a client today to have all high scoring Spam from
SpamAssassin re-directed to a specific E-mail address so that they could
review it. Our normal policy is to simply delete the high scoring spam.
        Essentially, what I would like to accomplish here is to forward
high scoring spam for a specific domain to a single E-mail address, but
allow the rest of the E-mail to be delivered normally.

I found: "Spam Actions = forward" in the mailscanner.conf file and that
seems to allow me to do it on a system wide basis, but how can I apply
that particular action to a specific domain?

1. Can Mailscanner handle per-domain actions?
2. Can Mailscanner forward high scoring spam to a specific E-mail address,
yet deliver the rest of it normally?

As always, your help is greatly appreciated!

    Vice President of N2Net, a New Age Consulting Service, Inc. Company Where everything clicks into place!

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