Per Domain Spam Forwarding

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> De : Greg Boehnlein [mailto:damin at NACS.NET]
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> Objet : Per Domain Spam Forwarding
> Hello,
>         I spent some time browsing around the Mailscanner 
> lists to see if
> this question had been addressed in any way, and while there 
> seem to be
> answers that are pointing me in the right direction, I've not got a
> clear, concise idea on the exact way to handle this. If the 
> answer DOES
> exist, please feel free to direct me to the relevant information.
>         Basically, I have a cluster of mail-servers that use 
> Mailscanner
> and SpamAssassin for Virus Stripping and Spam Tagging. We received a
> request from a client today to have all high scoring Spam from
> SpamAssassin re-directed to a specific E-mail address so that 
> they could
> review it. Our normal policy is to simply delete the high 
> scoring spam.
>         Essentially, what I would like to accomplish here is 
> to forward
> high scoring spam for a specific domain to a single E-mail 
> address, but
> allow the rest of the E-mail to be delivered normally.
> I found: "Spam Actions = forward" in the mailscanner.conf 
> file and that
> seems to allow me to do it on a system wide basis, but how can I apply
> that particular action to a specific domain?
> 1. Can Mailscanner handle per-domain actions?

Yes, for every setting that says: "This can also be the filename of a ruleset", you can create rules for specific users, domain (from or to).  Some other stuff that I'm not aware of also, I gues...

> 2. Can Mailscanner forward high scoring spam to a specific 
> E-mail address,
> yet deliver the rest of it normally?

Yes, just go to the setting called "High Scoring Spam Actions = " and put the path to the file of the ruleset you want to use (%rules-dir%/high.scoring.rules, for example.  You then create the file, and following the pattern in %rules-dir%/EXAMPLES, you build your rules.  You enter your criterias on the left side (To: and you enter what actions you want on the right (forward user at  Don't forget to put a default entry.  What you put on the right-hand side is what will replace the setting in MailScanner.conf, for this criteria.

Hope this helps.

Guys please correct me if I'm wrong...  I'm still not an expert with rules.
> As always, your help is greatly appreciated!
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