Misuse of my domain.

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> >> Personally I would block mail from john/james @urbakken.dk at the MTA
> >> RCPT
> >> level, not even allowing it to reach DATA. How you do that would
> >> depend upon
> >> your MTA. If you don't have config access to the MTA then doing it in
> >> MailScanner:
> >
> >
> > I think I have access to MTA, but where do I set the blocking ?.
> I use POSTFIX.

I use exim so I am not really qualified to explain how postfix blocks at
RCPT time, but I know there is a webmin module for postfix and I am willing
to bet that would simplify administration. There is a tutorial for postfix
admin via webmin at http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/

Or you can look at postfix config examples at

In my opinion sender verification and requiring local users to authenticate
before sending mail is basic setup 101. Especially the local user

To do a good test of the relay control in your current configuration log in
to the mail server console and : telnet relay-test.mail-abuse.org
they will then run through a bunch of relay hacks against your MTA and
report to you, via the telnet session, the results of each test. If you fail
even one you need to resolve the problem ASAP as it would mean you are
definatly an open relay (and thus a real problem)

And, of course, join the postfix mail list :-)

> >> In your MailScanner.conf find the line: Is Definitely Spam =
> >> and change it to: Is Definitely Spam = %rules-dir%/spam.blacklist.rules
> >
> >
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