Misuse of my domain.

Erik Jakobsen eja at URBAKKEN.DK
Sun Nov 9 19:18:25 GMT 2003

> I use exim so I am not really qualified to explain how postfix blocks at
> RCPT time, but I know there is a webmin module for postfix and I am willing
> to bet that would simplify administration. There is a tutorial for postfix
> admin via webmin at http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/

I do have webmin running on the server, and can see postfix there.

> Or you can look at postfix config examples at
> http://jimsun.linxnet.com/misc/postfix-anti-UCE.txt
> http://www.bagley.org/~doug/spam/postfix.shtml
> In my opinion sender verification and requiring local users to authenticate
> before sending mail is basic setup 101. Especially the local user
> authentication.

Well I am not sure what you write here.

> To do a good test of the relay control in your current configuration log in
> to the mail server console and : telnet relay-test.mail-abuse.org
> they will then run through a bunch of relay hacks against your MTA and
> report to you, via the telnet session, the results of each test. If you fail
> even one you need to resolve the problem ASAP as it would mean you are
> definatly an open relay (and thus a real problem)

Here's the test:

[root at gateway /]# telnet relay-test.mail-abuse.org
Connected to relay-test.mail-abuse.org.
Escape character is '^]'.
/proj/maps/bin/in.relaytest: socket failed [Bad file descriptor]
Connecting to ...
Connection closed by foreign host.

The last IP is my fixed one.

I am a member of the Postfix list :-)

Med venlig hilsen - Best regards.
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