very urgent problem with MailScanner + postfix

Kris Zabriskie zabriskw at ITECH.NET
Fri Nov 7 13:48:17 GMT 2003

How many child processes are you allowing MailScanner to use?  In the
MailScanner.Conf file there are also some limits on message size.  What
are they set to?  Are you by chance using the approach at the mta level,
it will take a message addressed to multiple people and making "X" copies
of that message?

> Hopefully someone will see this very shortly.
> Several days ago I posted a message about the same problem where
> mailscanner begins to backlog and errors about messages "still being
> delivered" show up in the maillog, with hardly any messages passed by
> mailscanner to the mta.
> I've since upgraded to 4.24-5 due to a backlog starting to happen again
> but it never cleared up and is unfortunately much worse this time - (much
> larger backlog).
> I've temporarily stopped the incoming postfix to give mailscanner a
> to catch up, but need some debugging here to get the backlog cleared out
> as fast as possible and to fully fix this...
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ron

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