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Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Nov 6 18:14:37 GMT 2003

At 17:38 06/11/2003, you wrote:
>On Thu, 06 Nov 2003 17:12:54 GMT, Julian Field writes:
> >So all I can set is the umask.
> >
> >What do you want to be able to set the umask on?
>Everything under "Quarantine Dir", I'd say. (At least, that's the only
>  place *I* need it ;) )

I can't see the use of changing the owner or group on the Incoming Work
Dir, and it will slow things down quite a bit as I would have to chown
every single attachment of every message.
If you really want to be able to change this, please tell me!

So we get
Incoming Work Permissions = 0600
Quarantine Permissions = 0600
Quarantine User =
Quarantine Group =

By default it will set the quarantine user the same as the run as user, and
likewise for the group, so it won't try to change anything unless it needs to.

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