Problem with duplicate message delivery

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Nov 6 16:00:19 GMT 2003

At 15:41 06/11/2003, you wrote:
>here is my setup
>Solaris 9
>MailScanner is set to deliver in batch mode. this works fine most of the
>time. We have an alias which expands to ~1000 names. 900 of the names
>are local, the rest go to about 25 different ISPs.
>I run a sendmail queue to retry missed deliveries. When the server is
>busy the mailscanner batch delivery to the 1000 names can take more than
>one hour. The problem is that the sendmail queue sees the job and
>decides to process the same message.

This sounds like a sendmail locking problem. It shouldn't ever let itself
make 2 attempts to deliver the same message.

>Has anyone else encountered this problem and been able to overcome it? I
>hope that shortening my sendmail timeouts along with lengthening the
>time between queue redelivery attempts will help. I don't want to switch
>MailScanner from batch to queue because my users are used to 10 second
>message delivery and I want to keep it that fast when possible.
>Steve Lee
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