Problem with duplicate message delivery

Stephen Lee lee at SJU.EDU
Thu Nov 6 15:41:33 GMT 2003

here is my setup

Solaris 9

MailScanner is set to deliver in batch mode. this works fine most of the
time. We have an alias which expands to ~1000 names. 900 of the names
are local, the rest go to about 25 different ISPs.

I run a sendmail queue to retry missed deliveries. When the server is
busy the mailscanner batch delivery to the 1000 names can take more than
one hour. The problem is that the sendmail queue sees the job and
decides to process the same message.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and been able to overcome it? I
hope that shortening my sendmail timeouts along with lengthening the
time between queue redelivery attempts will help. I don't want to switch
MailScanner from batch to queue because my users are used to 10 second
message delivery and I want to keep it that fast when possible.

Steve Lee
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