OT: Linux Distrobutions?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Nov 3 23:44:34 GMT 2003


> Did Fedora exist (and actually get used by anyone) before "redhat linux"
> went away?  I have actually built up a considerable level of trust in
> redhat's development and stability over the years, and I don't mind
> extending that trust through a simple name change - but I have a hard time

Yes it did. And basicly its the RH guys doing this. I was in Fedora since
it started, and running one of the main rsync servers for the project. Its
been having nice support.

> with the idea of just extending that trust to a merger of two projects, one
> of which I had never even heard of before the merger.

No. But its a merger with a lot of the regular RH things for sure, just
install the latest gratest and have a look on the look and feel. I think
you wont notice much difference anyway compared to RH.


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