[SAtalk] Am I nuts

Chris Barnes cHRis-BarNeS at tAMu.eDu
Mon Nov 3 22:14:13 GMT 2003

Background: I had SpamAssassin 2.60 running just fine (using sendmail).
I was calling spamd via the /etc/procmail.

After installing Mailscanner and ClamAV, I noticed that the original SA
conf file was being ignored in favor of the smaller version in the
Mailscanner conf file.  Since I have custom rules that I really didn't
want to loose, I turned SA off in Mailscanner, letting it handle just
the the running of ClamAV.  SA is still being called by procmail.

It seems to work just fine (everything).

Q: Is this a "wrong way" to do it (ie. performance issues)?

Q: Is it just a "wierd way"?


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