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Mon Nov 3 22:38:35 GMT 2003

Furnish, Trever G wrote:

>Can I squeak in one more question on this off-topic topic before it goes
>Did Fedora exist (and actually get used by anyone) before "redhat linux"
>went away?  I have actually built up a considerable level of trust in
>redhat's development and stability over the years, and I don't mind
>extending that trust through a simple name change - but I have a hard time
>with the idea of just extending that trust to a merger of two projects, one
>of which I had never even heard of before the merger.
>Off-list replies welcome...


From: Warren Togami <warren togami com>
To: phoebe-list redhat com
Subject: 3rd Party Software for RHL (was Re: mp3, Real, Flash, plugins..)
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 03:07:01 -1000

This project is my idea to rally the combined efforts of volunteer
developers to create a body of well maintained 3rd party RPM packages
specifically for Red Hat Linux. This idea is very much similar to the
Debian community, with Fedora stable, testing and unstable trees in our
current plans. Fedora Project is still in infant stages, but things are
beginning to roll now with our Bugzilla up and other infrastructure growing.

Fedora can be there to save us all time and effort. We Red Hat users,
both newbie and experienced, would no longer need to manually configure
and compile 3rd party packages, thus saving lots of time. Just imagine
the following LUG mailing list question from year 2004:

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