autoupdate confusion?

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Sat Nov 1 17:02:40 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 16:38, Jim Flowers wrote:

>I studied update_virus_scanners as a possible undocumented? solution
>but it
>has a number of problems:

Its actually the default and offically 'correct' way of doing it for
MailScanner (but the install docs on the site do seem to be out of date
in this respect).  Its used automatically on rpm installs.

>1. It expects virus_scanners.conf to have three fields; the one in my
>distribution has only two.  Without the PACKAGEDIR field, it will do
>nothing as written.

Then you have a version mismatch between upgrade_virus_scanners and
virus_scanners.conf.  For the current version of MailScanner the
PACKAGEDIR field should be present in virus_scanners.conf.

>2. If the PACKAGEDIR field is present, the x$1 test in the
>program will fail as $1 is passed as PACKAGEDIR, not -IsItInstalled.

Not if you have the same version of that script I have.  Its called
clamav-wrapper $PACKAGEDIR -IsItInstalled

The PACKAGEDIR is extracted from $1 then the arguments are shifted to
make %1 = "-IsItInstalled"

Maybe your version of update_virus_scanners is more recent than your
version of MailScanner?  The addition of PACKAGEDIR is a recent one and
there were changes to MailScanner, the wrapper and autoupdate scripts
and update_virus_scanners to support it.

>These are easy enough to fix for a shell hacker and even easier to just
>the freshclam wrapper directly,

You definitely should use update_virus_scanners if possible to ensure
that mail isn't scanned during the update process.

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